5 Steps to Reboot for the New Year

Out with the old and in with the new!

Our 5 Steps to Reboot for the New Year suggests how you can seek sanctuary, reset to your restore point, refresh and, with your best foot forward, rediscover your mojo:

1)    Retreat

Exhausted and depleted your reserves?
Here are 5 Super Green Retreats great for hibernation hideaway >

2)    Recharge

You’ve stopped for refuge, but are you quite ready to hit the ground running again? Sometimes you need to recharge your batteries and restore your energy with repast.

Feast your eyes and tantalise your tummy with global gourmet gastronomy at these super sustainable stunning sanctuaries that feed your soul with all-natural local goodness >

3)    Revive

You've rested and restored. Now it’s time to rouse from hibernation, slowly stretch and step into action.

For sustainable destinations, here’s 5 to Revive for morning motivation >

4)    Resolve

Feeling refreshed, it’s time to push forward once again! Perhaps travel is in your plans?

Here’s some trips to help you make and keep your resolve to evolve with 5 Resolutions to Transform through Travel >

5)    Rejuvenate

Resolutions fixed, and raring to get going? These 5 steps will put a spring in your step to revitalise and re-motivate your mojo for some seriously sustainable fun >


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