5 Steps to Rejuvenation


Feeling tired and stressed, keen to look ahead to sunnier times, feeling refreshed and revived?

Even just having the next break to look forward to can bring optimistic vibes!

So where can you go and what can you do to channel your energies for positive purpose, for you and your destination, and have the most amazing holiday experience?


Here’s 5 steps for seriously sustainable fun!

1. Play

This paradise island gets a gold star for recreation. Let loose your inner child with an enormous range of activities including kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, Stand Up Paddleboard, snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, hiking, rock climbing, croquet or tennis on the first natural grass courts in South East Asia, boule, volleyball, a library, spa, board games and dressing up for children, beach bar, sunset lounge and pool bar.

No signs, no rules and no set timings, laid-back island life fits to you >

Nikoi Island Indonesia boules

Nikoi Island Indonesia boules

2. Swim

You can have your own personal Blue Planet too. Stay at this very special ecotourism marine protected area and spend your days snorkelling and swimming, whose benefits cannot be understated.  

For your body you’ll build strength, tone, definition, flexibility and bone mass;
for your mental health it can reduce stress and depression and even make you smarter;
and for your soul, the sea can bring you in touch with your senses and be a spiritual experience – relax with the peace of weightlessness, and revive amongst the transcendent nature of incredible marine life >

Chumbe Island Tanzania snorkel

Chumbe Island Tanzania snorkel

3. Sail

We can’t think of many more invigorating experiences than sailing across the ocean embracing the elements and the power of Mother Nature in the seas, wind and marine life.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced sailor, join the team of one of these conservation expeditions and your direct contact with the ocean can help you connect choices with restoration and rejuvenation, to better understand and hands-on experience how our day to day behaviour impacts the world in which we live half a blue planet away >

4. Spend time with nature

There are few places on Earth where the animal kingdom rules more than the Galapagos, where people and wildlife co-exist in peace. Follow in the footsteps of Darwin and his theory of natural selection, and let yourself be nurtured by nature.

Giant tortoises, iguana, Blue Footed Boobies, finches, frigate birds, sea lions, manta rays, sharks, sea turtles, dophins and whales are just some of the species you’ll encounter on this once-in-a-lifetime out-of-this-world experience >

Galapagos Floreana Tropic Giant Tortoise & Family

Galapagos Floreana Tropic Giant Tortoise & Family

5. Have some serious fun

It’s far from all child’s play in this most curious of countries, but it’s an incredible wonderland and a wonderfully revitalising, life-affirming experience with the kids and community here.

Support by volunteering in teaching English, conservation and community development  to tackle extreme poverty in one of the planet's most unique and endangered environments >

SEED kids conservation club - Nahampoana wildlife reserve

SEED kids conservation club - Nahampoana wildlife reserve


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