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The best sustainable tourism around the world. Where can you go and what can you do to create positive impacts through tourism for sustainable development?

Chumbe Island coral park: the world's 1st marine protected area >>

Chumbe Island coral park: the world's 1st marine protected area >>

Chumbe Island Coral Park, Tanzania - outstanding snorkelling, conservation & support for community education in the world's first marine protected area >>

Teach English, environmental education, or help hands-on with construction, community development or conservation on endangered species including lemurs, reptiles and amphibians in Madagascar >>

Nikoi Island, Indonesia - a unique private paradise. Stay in barefoot luxury & support the Island Foundation's community development. more >>


Read who's behind amazing places. How did they come to do what they do, why, and what impact does it have on lives? Be inspired by stories of unsung heroes.

jascivan carvalho, pioneering in ecuador, Galapagos & AmazoN >>

jascivan carvalho, pioneering in ecuador, Galapagos & AmazoN >>

Jascivan Carvalho, an Earth Changer in Ecuador, the Galapagos & Amazon, on being a community-based tourism pioneer & social entrepreneur >>

Oceans advocate and advisor, skipper and artist, Emily Penn tells us about merging sailing passion with marine conservation, seeing gyres, plastic and solving environmental challenges with an architect's mind >>

Karen Lewis, Earth Changer conservationist & co-founder of Lapa Rios, one of the world's most nature-immersed ecolodges. more >>


Why people do what they do in the places they do it. Learn about the reasons for their drive and the impact on communities, conservation and big world issues.

Biodiversity Ensures our survival providing food, fuel, shelter >>

Biodiversity Ensures our survival providing food, fuel, shelter >>

Biodiversity ensures our survival by providing food, fuel, shelter, medicines and other resources. Biodiversity conservation is our sustainability more >>

Dwindling supplies of safe drinking water is a major problem impacting every continent. Learn how this impacts health and livelihoods and how you can help to do something about it. Tourism & water >>

Marine habitats like coral & seagrass are very vulnerable to irresponsible practices. Learn what's done for sustainability in marine conservation >>


Lapa Rios is truly out of this world! Top notch service and attention to detail, amazing meals with great staff, fantastic walks with educated guides, super private bungalows with breath taking-views and wildlife right outside your room. And the best part, they are a true eco-lodge, green from bottom to top!”

The Earth Changers Manifesto

Are you an Earth Changer too? more >>

The Earth Changers Manifesto

The Earth Changers Manifesto

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If you’re looking for tourism which truly has a positive impact, unsure where to go, Earth Changers connects you to the most sustainable tourism around the world, engaging with the people behind places to reveal their true passions and purpose to address big issues.

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Earth Changers have extensive years, experience and knowledge in the global travel industry and sustainable tourism. Having witnessed first-hand the issues and impacts of tourism for local people and places, Earth Changers understands its purpose potential for sustainable development, and highlights those truly committed to delivering that aim. Inclusion is by invite and merit of being Earth Changers, a true commitment to sustainable development through tourism. >>