5 Resolutions to Transform through Travel

A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, & loved. Answers to be discovered & then lived in this transformative year of delight & self-discovery. Today carve out a quiet interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand. Only dreams give birth to change.
— Sarah Ban Breathnach - author, philanthropist, speaker

Have you made resolutions? What are your dreams? How will you get there? Only you can make the choices and determine to make those dreams reality. Dream of travel? Here are some trips to help you plan, motivate the mind and reach new goals.


Eat better, exercise more

Could there be a better place to aim high and reach new peaks than in Nepal?
This lodge is on a mountain ridge 1000ft above the Pokhara valley, the gateway to the famous Annapurna Circuit, one of the most famous treks in the world.

Pre- or post-multi day trek, spend your days limbering up or stretching-out your muscles on local walks, yoga, massage and swimming in the stunning views, with al fresco award-winning, local organic  home-style meals, organically grown to the highest standard >

Nepal Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge Infinity Pool

Nepal Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge Infinity Pool

Reduce plastic

Blue Planet 2 has alerted many more to the pitfalls of plastic. And who can’t forget that incredible Wildlife Photographer of the year entry, Sewage surfer by Justin Hofman?

Single use plastics are having a devastating effect on our environments and marine conservation.  Chemical pollution and debris are destroying delicate marine habitats such as coral reefs and seagrass meadows that provide vital food, shelter and breeding grounds for marine life that feeds the world.

We can all reduce our consumption of plastic, refuse straws and plastic bottles, reuse our own cups and bags, and recycle all we can.
And on these ocean expedition sailing trips, you not only join a front line team at sea to observe, document, learn and communicate about marine exploration and conservation, on some you’ll see the famous ‘garbage gyres’ of the open sea.
Life-changing and world-changing, seeing is believing >

Ocean Plastic Pollution - Pangaea Exploration

Ocean Plastic Pollution - Pangaea Exploration

Digital detox in nature

Step away from the computer, leave your phone home alone, and get back to nature. Getting outdoors is not only good for our vitamin D and bodies, but also well-being for our brains. There’s nothing quite like a remote island to get away from cities and development and return to a simpler way of living. And the Galapagos Islands are certainly out of this world!

The first community-based tourism initiative in the Galapagos Islands is extra-ordinary. Away from the tourist crowds, experience the true Galapagos old way of life, explore, encounter incredible wildlife, soak up the scenery and support the locals in one of the few World Heritage Marine Reserves >

Galapagos Island Floreana Lava Lodge

Galapagos Island Floreana Lava Lodge

Give back more

What is the essence of life? To serve others and do good.” - Aristotle
But did you know altruistic volunteering doesn’t just help others but also your own mental health? It helps you feel more socially connected, warding off loneliness and depression, with physical implications too: giving your time can lower blood pressure and mean a longer lifespan.

There can be few better places in the world to contribute than the most deprived. Combine that with one of the planet's most unique and precious environments, incredible biodiversity, endangered wildlife, disadvantaged but delightful communities, and you’ve got an extraordinary life-changing and world-changing experience.

Enquire to volunteer in conservation, construction, teaching or community development in Madagascar >

SEED Madagascar Volunteer English teaching

SEED Madagascar Volunteer English teaching

Learn something new

If we’re talking about goals for the year, then the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are possibly the biggest the world has to offer.

They’re a set of 17 aims signed up to by the countries of the United Nations to end poverty and hunger, improve clean water access, health and education, make cities more sustainable, combat climate change, conserve the world and oceans and foster prosperous, peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

These trips in Malawi not only enable you to see experience the people and places, but also offer maximum learning potential with immersive workshops on global sustainable development, the SDGs, fair trade, social entrepreneurship and micro-finance.
Practical examples offer hands-on experience to build awareness of the challenges faced by developing countries and rural communities >

What better way to learn something new by helping transform the world through travel?

Ntchisi Kids Malawi - RSC Global sustainable Development

Ntchisi Kids Malawi - RSC Global sustainable Development

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