Earth Changers connects you with pioneering people and places for extraordinary experiences for world-changing positive impacts.

If you’re looking for tourism which truly has a positive impact, unsure where to go, Earth Changers highlights the most sustainable tourism around the world, engages with the people behind places to reveal their true passions and purpose, and educate on the issues.

community girls learn to snorkel, about coral & conservation value at chumbe

community girls learn to snorkel, about coral & conservation value at chumbe

Earth Changers’ unique destination and human stories demonstrate commitment to community and conservation for sustainable development through tourism.

These pioneering tourism operations often help finance foundations' charitable objectives: Earth Changers value quality over quantity for purpose before profit, to put Earth First.

By becoming part of the Earth Changers global community you agree to the Earth Changers Manifesto.

Earth Changers offers the where, who and why to engage, educate and enable the booking of real sustainable tourism.


Inclusion of people and places is by merit of being Earth Changers: the demonstrable results from true commitment to sustainable development through tourism which we explain.

Inclusion is not determined by awards or certifications – too many have questionable credibility, and often truly sustainable organisations do not have resources to pursue such accreditations.

The site is not paid advertising nor subscription for inclusions.

We do track links to sites and ask your honesty to reference us when booking so that we may earn a referral commission to be a sustainable organisation ourselves.


We're not a travel agent or a tour operator but we curate this unique collection of outstanding positive impact tourism to help guide you. We facilitate your booking for your convenience to be made direct to maximise benefits directly for the local places, people and purpose.

Earth Changers Expertise

Earth Changers is created by people with extensive years, experience and knowledge in the global travel industry, specialist tour operations, ecotourism and sustainable tourism. Having witnessed first-hand many of the issues and impacts for local people and places, they understand the purpose potential of tourism for sustainable development and supporting those who are truly committed to delivering that aim.

Founder Victoria Smith has worked in worked in tourism for over 20 years, and sustainable tourism for over 10 years, in destinations, marketing and ecommerce, heading up operations abroad and online for major tour operators, online travel agents and media, in mass market tourism, ski, safari, charity challenges and volunteer tourism, NGOs and sustainable tourism accreditation organisations. She’s been a ski guide and resort manager, is a qualified game ranger in Africa and voluntarily trip leads charity groups annually. Favourites have included hiking Kilimanjaro, kayaking the lower Zambezi, trekking the Sahara, zip-lining rainforests in Costa Rica, helping conservation in the Galapagos and sustainable lobster fishing in Madagascar. Academically, Victoria has an MSc in Responsible Tourism Management, gaining a distinction for her thesis, later published and a top 10 download on the Journal of Sustainable Tourism, "Volunteer tourism, greenwashing and understanding responsible marketing using market signalling theory". Read Vicky's story >>

Earth Changers believe that adventure and connection can be facilitated through community, technology and integrity to deliver real positive impacts for sustainably developing communities and conservation.  

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