5 Super Green Retreats to Help Beat January Blues

As we roll into January dark days, is there a better time for reveries of retreats?
As we say in our manifesto, "Switch off, recharge. Recognise the power of retreat, reconnecting and revitalising".


To the mountains

This lodge is a haven of tranquillity above the Pokhara valley, the gateway to the famous Annapurna Circuit, the trekking centre of Nepal, with simply stunning views. Relax, swim in the most beautiful infinity pool setting and enjoy the staggering scenery in serenity with yoga, meditation and massage treatments available. For artists, the rich cultural experience of rural Nepal life makes perfect tranquil inspiration for creativity and writing. This homely retreat raises the bar for responsible tourism in Nepal - Info & enquire >

To the lake

Escape to stunning islet shores’ hideaway on this exotic and private island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, just a short boat ride from the UNESCO World Heritage City of Granada. Hang out in a hammock, kayak from your casita or retreat into relaxation with gastronomic delights, gorgeous sunsets and daily yoga overlooking the lake.  An extraordinary beach and jungle trip experience filled with peace and tranquillity and real sustainable luxury on this magical island. Info & enquire >

To an island

Another unique back-to-nature private island escape with the luxury of indulgence. This 15 hectare private tropical island in the Indonesian Riau Archipelago, just a short distance from Singapore, is two thirds preserved as a sanctuary and covered in virgin rainforest. Constructed solely from sustainably sourced driftwood, the raw luxury seems effortless, such its unspoilt natural environment. If you’re not feeling energetic for kite surfing, snorkelling, diving, sailing, windsurfing, or even tennis and rock climbing, croquet, kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard are all on offer to keep you entertained in relaxed style – or just hang out in the sun or at the beach bar. Info & enquire >

To the ocean

Globally famous, experience amongst the most pristine coral reefs in the world. This small island off the coast of Zanzibar is the first privately established and managed Marine Protected Area in the world, and the only one fully-funded through ecotourism. Explore the island’s stunning coral reef and coral rag forest, relax in the exclusive thatched eco-bungalows, savour traditional Zanzibari cuisine, all the while supporting conservation and education efforts.  Breath taking beauty and calm tranquility in marine nature abounds. Info & enquire >

To nature

If immersion in nature where rare pristine rainforest meets secluded shores sounds like your sort of retreat, you can’t get much better or greener than this! This 930 acre private nature reserve, in, Central America's last remaining lowland dense tropical rainforest, is exclusive to registered guests. A wildlife corridor, it offers amazing wildlife-watching from bungalow balconies, the restaurant terrace, its incredible canopy rooftop look-out gallery, and even the paths, from where you might spot monkeys, toucans and sloths, or even whales in the bay.

The luxurious 17 private bungalows and shared areas are all designed to immerse you and experience the sounds, sights and smells of the rainforest and the ocean. Kick back and relax in a hammock, the natural spa or swimming pool, take a yoga class, massage, or choose an experience that supports the local community, education and exploration. Info & enquire >

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